Our clients tell us we helped them save time, save money, meet audit requirements, and reduce security incidents.

You may notice that we do not list the names of our clients.
As a cyber security company, we do not in any way want to make our clients potential targets.


The training itself is brief, applicable to our environment, and contains quality content. The one thing I enjoy the most is getting weekly, detailed reports on the rate of completion delivered to me.


We especially enjoyed how to create secure passwords, how to recognize phishing scams. In addition, we get monthly cyber awareness tips delivered to us that we incorporate into our employee training portal.


The quick tips to get important information out works great for our staff. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback, and it may have to do with the fact that the tips can be applied personally as well.


We’ve found that having a cyber-aware workforce has reduced the risk of costly errors to our district. For example, when we have phishing scams, our staff knows how to detect it and what to do.